This ain’t your typical skatepark. The features in DIVERT’s skatepark are constantly being swapped and moved to keep things fresh and exciting. Better yet, DIVERT’s park is crowd-controlled so you don’t have to fight for turns, has an automated content capture system so you can easily stack shots and is supported by guides who can help you learn your next best trick. Additionally, our park has lines for beginner, intermediate and advanced rider so no matter your skill level, there’s something for you!


DIVERT’s skatepark is designed for skateboards, scooters and rollerblades. During special events participants can engage in other activities like BMX and more. Please note DIVERT does not rent rollerblades at this time.


DIVERT’s skatepark was designed to support beginner, intermediate and advanced riders:

  • Beginners can ride in our open area to learn how to push, balance and turn as well as our Beginner Line with simple, smaller ramps to learn how to pump and drop-in.
  • Intermediate riders can learn flip-tricks, slides and grinds on our Intermediate line of boxes, rails and other unique features.
  • Advanced riders can take their tricks to the next level in our Advanced Line with more difficult, larger features.


30 participants / hour


DIVERT’s Guides will be present at the Skatepark during your entire session. Guides are there to ensure everyone shreds safely, help answer questions, give you simple tips and tricks and may even host small progression sessions. If you are interested in more focused attention and instruction, you can purchase a lesson along with your ticket.


Part of your session ticket purchase is a complimentary helmet, skateboard or scooter (pending availability during time of session). Please note that DIVERT does not rent out rollerblades at this time but they are allowed in the park. If you wish to have more protective gear, bring your own, or additional protective gear is available for purchase on-site. If you would like to ride your own skateboard or scooter, you are more than welcome to bring your own, it will be subject to approval from DIVERT staff. Riders should preferably wear shoes designed for the wear and tear of skateboarding and scootering however any durable athletic shoe will suffice. Keep in mind, falling and rubbing on ramps and the ground can wear and tear your clothes so wear durable, athletic materials. If you’re worried about getting scraped up, it is best to wear long-sleeved shirts and pants and additional pads.

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