Making the most of your DIVERTsessions

Making the most of your DIVERTsessions

Action sports aren’t just X Games and Olympics – they’re right down the street!

Ready for some action?

Southern California has always been a breeding ground for action sports. Next week, before skaters and surfers travel across the Pacific to compete for Olympic gold, the X Games will offer up a sweet appetizer, as the premier action sports competition returns to its SoCal roots.

Since no fans will be allowed in due to the pandemic, some of the games are taking place in a few pro athletes’ backyards – including The Slayground, Axell Hodges’ personal motocross compound in northeast San Diego County, and The Dreamyard, Pat Casey’s private backyard BMX park in Riverside. Now that’s roots.

Athletes competing in the pre-Olympic event include Sky Brown, the skating child superstar who will be the youngest British Olympian ever when she competes at the Tokyo 2020 Games later in the month. And with the event being a private party, there might even be some cameos from skating celebrities there. Who knows?

One thing is for sure, though – It’s only fitting that Southern California will be the place these athletes bid farewell as they journey to showcase their games on the biggest stage they’ve ever seen. After all, the modern action-sports lifestyle, with its eclectic mix of dedicated participants from diverse backgrounds, was born out of the inclusive counter-cultural mentality of the skateboarding movement that swept over Venice Beach and Santa Monica like a tidal wave in the mid-to-late 1970s.

It was a rebellion against a world full of rules – a fight to level the playground.

Now, in the spirit of the Z-Boys and the ongoing fight for accessibility in action sports and a more inclusive lifestyle, DIVERTsessions is officially open! If you’ve ever wondered how you can participate in action sports, consider this your guide to all of the adventures that are now open for you to explore at DIVERT.

A ride with a lesson...

Everyone wants to ride, but what if you don't have a skatepark in your backyard? What if you don't have a surfboard? What if you can't get to the slopes? Maybe the nearest skatepark isn't the best place for a beginner – and you’re not trying to learn by shredding down the middle of the street Mid90s-style.

Now, there's another option.

If you've ever wanted to get more active, a massive opportunity may have just opened in your neighborhood. You may not even live near the beach, but have you ever wondered, "Where is the best place to get surf lessons near me?"

Maybe you're nowhere near the mountains, but you ask, "Can I find snowboard lessons near me?" Is that even possible?

Or maybe you always wanted to ride a half-pipe, but you don't have anyone to show you how –. Have you ever wondered, "Is there a great place to get skateboard lessons near me?"

Don't just go for a ride – learn a skill, and get creative. With action sports, you can make your own ride. Who needs Disneyland? You've got DIVERT.

Choose your action sports adventure

Learn to skateboard at the DIVERTsessions skatepark

DIVERTsessions is home to a beautiful, brand new skatepark that’s now open to the public and ready for you to come and shred it up! The skatepark features areas for beginner, intermediate, and advanced skaters – and all areas are staffed by instructors to guide you.

If you want to check out DIVERT’s brand new skatepark, any shoes will work, but skateboard shoes are preferable and whatever attire you like to participate in! You can also bring your own board or rent one, and we’ll even give you a free helmet!

Remember, skaters of all skill levels are welcome and encouraged to participate, and our guides will provide high-level support and instruction for everyone in the park. If you would like more focused attention, we also sell lessons via Shreducate and we have Spotlight sessions with local pro skateboarder Jordan Maxham on the weekends! 

We will be switching up the features constantly to keep the park fresh and will be taking ideas from our guests as to how to improve the overall skatepark experience! 

Get tubed on our wave machine

Surfing hasn’t always had a great reputation for inclusivity among the rest of the action sports lineup, but across the country, a rising tide of wave machines is looking to reshape the sport. Even if you don’t have access to the beach, you can learn the basics of surfing at your local wave machine. 

We’re hoping wave pools and wave machines like our FlowRider can make surfing a more accessible sport for everyone.

But don’t forget to bring a towel! The wave machine area has towels available for sale, but not rental, so be sure to bring one if you don’t plan on buying one. Same goes for your swimsuit!

We also have changing rooms near the wave machine so you can change from bathing suits to long sleeves, to shorts and back again depending on what activity you're doing!

Our FlowRider is the safest on the market because it is lined with inflatable pads. This means participants can progress faster and have a more enjoyable experience all the way around. Participants will start by boogie or bodyboarding and will advance to stand up FlowBoarding. Our guides will support them every step of the way! 

Catch killer air on our terrain hill or shred the gnar in our rail garden!

The snow hill has beginner, intermediate and advanced lines so all skill levels can participate. Our guides will provide high-level support and instruction for those on the hill, and we will be keeping the experience fresh by regularly switching up the features!

Remember to bring pants and a long sleeve shirt if you want to ride the ski hill! But don’t worry, if you forget them, we sell them at the shop. And as always, a helmet is included with your session! Who needs a three-hour drive to the mountains when DIVERTsessions is right down the street!

All skill levels welcome

DIVERTsessions was created as a venue where beginners can learn in a welcoming, inclusive, beginner-friendly environment. Our experienced staff can provide group and private lessons to help you develop your skills.

And what if action sports just aren’t your thing? Well, they’re still fun to watch. Spectator passes are free, and the park also features lawn games and more passive activities like oversized Connect 4, corn hole, balance boards and more!

We will also have rotating food trucks and various offerings at the park for you to grab a bite. If we are actively serving food, you are not able to bring in outside food. If we are not, you can grab something from the all food court and bring it in with you. Either way, we won’t let you go hungry!

Time to get in the action!

Ready to go get active? You can schedule a session right now! And if you’d rather not sign up online you can always walk up and get a ticket at the front gate. Then just sign your liability waiver, get your pass ready, and go for a ride!

We have personal storage bins available for rent so you can safely store phones, wallets, keys, sundries, towels, changes of clothes, etc. with our staff. You’ll get a wristband when you check in to indicate whether you purchased an hour, all-day, or season pass, but you can always upgrade at the front if you would like some more time!

Now that we’re open and the park is rockin’ you really don’t have an excuse. Come get creative – and local – with your outdoor activities and experience the warm embrace of the action sports community. Come check out DIVERTsessions today!

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