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Opening Saturday, June 26th at the MainPlace Mall in Santa Ana, CA.
At DIVERT, we know that Action Sports and Creative Education teach epic life lessons like creativity, individuality, motivation, resilience and more.

We believe that they have the power to inspire anyone to DIVERT from the ordinary and focus their attention towards the stoke, positivity and support of creative doers in the Action Sports Lifestyle.

Our mission is to make the Action Sports Lifestyle more accessible to everyone, so anyone can be empowered to...

Affordable - DIVERTsessions
Your best day ever starts at just $30.
Gear Included - DIVERTsessions
Gear Included
Don’t have any gear? We got you covered with complimentary surf, skate and snow equipment with each session purchase.
Guidance Included - DIVERTsessions
Guidance Included
Whether you're just starting or want to learn a new trick, DIVERT's guides support progression for all skill levels. 
Action Captured - DIVERTsessions
Action Captured
 Our live stream cams capture your stomps and slams so you can stack shots.
Easily Accessible - DIVERTsessions
Easily Accessible
Conveniently located in Santa Ana, CA so you can shred on your break, after work/school and on the weekends.
Skip The Scene - DIVERTsessions
Skip The Scene
Action Sports can be intimidating, we designed a comfortable and safe experience for anyone to progress.
Action for Everyone - DIVERTsessions
Action for Everyone
Surf, skate, shred, create or just kick back, eat, drink and enjoy good times for the greater good.
Parent Perfect - DIVERTsessions
Parent Perfect
Plenty of viewing space for mom and dad to check out the action or get in on it themselves.
Crowd-Controlled - DIVERTsessions
Crowd-controlled parks mean you don't need to battle crowds and fight for turns.


At DIVERT we offer two different park passes. Snag a Session Pass if you're trying to surf, skate, shred and create. If you'd rather hang out, take in the action and cheer on your friends or family, grab a Spectator Pass. Learn more about our pass types below.

session tickets

Session Passes come in 1, 2, 3 and 4-hour increments. When reserving your session, select the date and start time that is best for you! When your session starts you can flow freely between the skatepark, wave machine, snow hill and creative studio. Don't forget, complimentary equipment is included in your Session Pass. You can always add more time by reserving another session however you cannot pause your session. Learn more about how to reserve your session on our "Sessions" page.

spectator passes

Spectator Passes are perfect for friends, family and chaperones who want to kick back, eat, drink and take in the action. Spectator Passes grant access to viewing, dining, showcase and other public areas within the park. Please note that Spectator Passes do not grant access to the skatepark, wave machine, snow hill or creative studio. Not to worry, there's plenty to keep you entertained. Learn more about how to reserve your session on our "Sessions" page.


non-peak days:

Monday - Thursday

June - August
9:00 am - 8:00 pm
September - November
1:00 pm - 8:00 pm

1 - hour Session:
2 - hour Session:
3 - hour Session:
4 - hour Session:
peak days:

Friday - Sunday

June - November
9:00 am - 8:00 pm

1 - hour Session:
2 - hour Session:
3 - hour Session:
4 - hour Session:

Help spread the word and you and your crew can win VIP early access to DIVERTsessions before our grand opening!
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Earn rewards from DIVERT and your favorite brands for learning and landing tricks!


For every $30 donated to the DIVERT The Youth Program, we are able to sponsor a session for an underserved youth in the local community. Become a DIVERT hero and donate today!
DIVERTsessions was designed with your health and safety in mind. Learn about the steps we're taking to ensure you can "Achieve Your I'mpossibe" safely.

2800 N Main Street

Santa Ana, CA 92705

Located at the MainPlace Mall.

(In the west parking lot, near the food court entrance.)